Some photographers believe their strongest work comes from exploring their immediate surroundings. I consider myself as no more than a regional photographer, but that does not mean the photography cannot be understood and enjoyed beyond the region.

Above all I dedicate this site and all my work to my beautiful home County of Norfolk, that is so dear to my heart.

My obsession with photography began age 13 when my parents bought me my first camera. I spent my early years shooting colour, but even at a young age had a great passion for monochrome and very rarely shoot colour these days.
Pre-visualizing in black and white brings the monochrome image to life.
The darkroom is where shadows and highlights meet on a sheet of photographic paper. The thrill of watching an image slowly emerge never completely goes. The sense of creation that is to be had by physically handling a sheet of photographic paper through all the stages of exposing, developing, bleaching, toning and then mounting is very real.
I feel we live in an age of colour, magazine, advertising, and TV images. But to me I still find a "fine art monochrome print" very retro, refreshing and in my opinion is still the most powerful form of photographic art!

I shape the photo from start to finish. I usually operate 6x7cm medium format and 5x4 inch field cameras, shoot the majority of my photographs with various prime lenses, and hand print my negatives on multigrade fibre paper.
The innate drama of the landscapes are reproduced through a variable split-toning (for example copper/Selenium) technique.
All the printing, spotting, and archival mounting are done by myself the photographer.

I have sold my work at various galleries and outlets in Norwich and across Norfolk, along with the direct sales here through the website and have held exhibitions at many galleries and locations across the U.K.
If you need any help, or photographic advice or just have a general query please don't hesitate to contact me, as I am always happy to help.

Thank you for taking time to visit my site.

A little Technical info

A camera is little more than a viewfinder with a built in recording device, I'm often asked what equipment I use........... I tell them just a little imagination and my eyes.

All images captured on either Pentax 645, 6x7, Fuji 6x9, Leica rangefinder and Horseman Large format cameras -
Also Canon EOS and Leica full frame digital Cameras.

Prints are traditional (wet) hand printed using Schneider HM Componon APO & WA enlarging lenses dedicated to each film format. All ensure maximum print quality, as the final image on paper can only be as good as the weakest link in the chain from capture to fix.

Best Wishes
Steve Denby - 2003