New sister website

09th January 2014
Recently I have started putting together a new site dedicated to my lifelong fascination with street/urban imagery. Over the years I have visited many parts of the World with just a small bag a couple of rangefinders and fast primes, purely for my own enjoyment. Strangely this has now led to new commercial commitments and opened doors leading down other photographic avenues, now demanding much of my time.

The new site is in its infancy, although it seems to have rapidly picked up speed. In putting this new site together it was always my intension to keep the site simple and easy to navigate. At the moment I will only be using images that have not been marked, or used with other photographic obligations. It's been my intension to put the new site together for a while now, as I did not want to muddle my original website which is and will always be dedicated to my home County.

I hope you find time to take a visit, maybe subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up with new images as I upload and even sign the questbook, to help get everything up and running.

Please find a link to the site below.
Best wishes